Steve Klein

Having worked in electrical (regular and low-voltage) and carpentry construction , Steve has taken his tool familiarity from his home garage mechanic hobby from youth and found himself using all kinds of tools and hardware.
His extensive experience working in a modern corporation as a underwriter's assistant and software engineer has prepared him to meet the expectations of large companies. His extensive extra-curricular experience with PC applications, network setup, and hardware has prepared him to manage his own business.
He spent a couple years at LTU pursuing a degree in Engineering, passed calculus, sat on the AESG board, and earned top performance on simple class engineering projects.
Born in 1987 and raised in Waterford,  he co-founded a local wildlife conservation non-profit and serves in the role of president, and lives in Waterford near 3 lakes with his cat Magni.  

I work by the following guidelines:

I bring my own tools where applicable, and add new tools as needed.

Things I do not participate in:

KTL is currently just one employee to be working primarily in Oakland County, Michigan. 

I claim trademark rights for all logos, images, and artistic material where applicable.